The Benefits of Yoga

yoga pose

Cross training can reduce your risk of injury, improve your total overall fitness and can help you maintain enthusiasm for regular exercise. It has been said that shaking things up by challenging your body with different types of movement can help you develop in ways that sticking to one single method or routine cannot.

But, if you come to Crossfit, aren’t you cross training already? To a certain extent, yes. We move in different planes, use different energy systems, and keep our movements as varied as possible. However, what about other modalities of fitness? As athletes, there are benefits to training outside of Crossfit. Considering, yoga can serve as a useful means to cross train and help our overall fitness. What, specifically, can yoga do for you?

Improve Your Strength

If you want to remain healthy and fit, then building lean muscle mass is essential. When lean muscle mass decreases, metabolism lowers, leading to excess weight gain. To regain that speedy metabolism in just a few weeks, you will need to start by targeting the major muscles groups in your body just two times a week. Yoga is an exceptional workout for building lean muscle mass because it targets virtually every muscle in the body, leaving no area untouched.

Bring You Into Balance

When we teach our bodies to find balance, it helps reduce the rate of injury. As athletes, there is a tendency to have a strong side that overcompensates for the weaker side of our bodies so we ultimately tend to overuse one side of our bodies. Consequently, this can lead to joint loading on one side of your body. After continual joint loading on one side, your body tends to give out sooner and you are setting yourself up for injury. Yoga, however, teaches you to push your body evenly and to stretch each side of your body equally.

Maintain Your Flexibility

We lose flexibility quickly when we do not practice it. The lack of being flexible can tighten overused muscles. When muscles are tight, they are hard, inflexible and brittle. The lack of elasticity contributes to joint instability and a decrease in resiliency. The tension in tight muscles hinders blood supply and creates scar tissue. The athlete with tight muscles has to work harder and can cause lasting injury. Thus, continual yoga helps to loosen and stretch tight muscles allowing the muscle to breathe.

Control Your Breathing

Learning to control your breathing can create many benefits in your workout. If you keep a slow and steady conscious breath, it will aid in increased blood oxygen flow. This lays a foundation for more effective workouts by increasing endurance. Proper breathing can elongate the muscles and allows the body to engage in more stressful work without a degenerative emergency response.

Are you ready to try yoga? It will be coming to our schedule in January 2015. Stay posted for more details!

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